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Curricula and teaching methods

Here, in this tab, we publish information about the existing curricula for contemporary art at Middle Europe. They can be programs delivered as classes, courses, lectures (cycle or one lecture). These can be programs in progress, developed (partially implemented), or just planned. Any educational ideas are welcome here. We want this place to be a discussion forum or a database of ideas. The guiding idea is to link and mutually support scientific research, artistic research and ways of distributing and developing their results in studies or any form of education. We believe that research & education practices foster, encourage and inspire each other’s achievements. Hence the great role we assign to teaching. Theory and practice, art historian research and artist’s work are intertwined in the creative process.
We want to build the most complete curriculum for Contemporary Art in Middle Europe. To this end, we want to combine research methods (see Methodology tab) with teaching methods.
Our goal is to prepare professionals for research work. But also preparation of general workshop proposals for art students. Such workshops are based on the forms of works of art and their in-depth understanding, which is the starting point for re-actualizing interpretations. They are based on the practices of artists creating their art in Middle Europe and operated within its specific cultural and political conditions, which is reflected in the works. Hence the need to base research & education works on collections, archives and cooperation with archivists and curators.
We encourage you to share the educational ideas of academic teaching, workshop and studio work.

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